why we walk

Autism affects the entire family, not just the person identified with the disability. The mental and emotional health of parents, marital relationships, meeting the needs of the other children in the family, relationships with extended family, friends and neighbors. All aspects of family life is affected. 

Not only relationships, but routine functions, such as housekeeping, finances, and shopping are impacted by the challenges autism presents. Families tend to isolate
themselves due to exhaustion caused by caring for the child with autism. Autism thrives on isolation. The pandemic increased these struggles. The loss of socialization and communication can adversely affect the emotional health of each family member. 

The Walk brings awareness to our community, provides networking opportunities for families, and provides funding to accomplish our goals.  


Interested in Involvement for Your Business or Organization?

Community partnerships are critical to help us  impact our community. Does your business or organization provide opportunities for socialization? We can help! Families need a broad array of community events. We also need sponsors willing to open doors for new experiences. The impact of a few hours of socialization eases the constant struggle of autism for families.

 The joy is incomparable. Families have shared that the opportunities  provided by Autism Alliance impact the mental health of the entire family. They are instilled with a sense of belonging that we all need.

get in touch

get in touch

forming a NEW walk team

1. Email your Team name and Team Captain's name by clicking the box below.

2. Once receive your email, you will be sent with a link to your own team page to design. You may add pictures, text about why you Walk and/or information you want to share about your family or friends. When you are ready, you can post the link on facebook or send in emails to other team members or donors.

Please call us at (325) 657-0308 if you don't receive your return email within 48 hours.   

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